We offer Inspection, Installation and consultant services to a wide range of clientele from commercial, residential, builder, Interior design, architectural industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Installations & Consulting

  • Design Consulting
  • Specification Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance Inspections
  • Floor Failure Prevention
  • New Project Scope Development
  • Commercial flooring Installations & Finishing 


Floor Covering Inspections  

  • Manufacturer  Defects
  • Installation Errors
  • Installation Defects
  • Water Damage
  • Maintenance Damage
  • Adhesive Failure


Document Review

  • Floor or Finish Manufacturer Specifications
  • Architect Project Material Specifications
  • Adhesive Manufacturer Specifications
  • Construction Documents
  • Design Documents


Concrete Slab Inspections

  • Calcium Chloride Vapor Emission Testing
  • Quantitative, per ASTMF-1869-04
  • Qualitative
  • In-situ Concrete Relative Humidity Testing, per ASTM F-2170-02
  • Surface Alkalinity Testing 

  Expert Witness Testimony

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